2013 letter from Mrs. B. Booth

July 7, 2013


Dear Graduates of THS Class of 1968,

What a great pleasure for me to be invited to attend your “get together.”  When I taught some of you as sixteen year old sophomores, you thought I was old at age thirty.  Now, you can say that I have reached old age.  I’m now eighty-two and am growing older gracefully, I hope.

As I reflect on my years at THS, I will admit that I have far more pleasant memories than negative ones.  I loved teaching you, and I do hope that you learned from literature some revelations on life.  Can you still quote a passage from Julius Caesar?

I’m sure that I missed some of my students at the event, but I tried to search for you.  For some with whom I did connect, it was so much fun to visit briefly with you.

Brenda Childs, thank you for spending much time with me.  What an interesting life you’ve had!  Also, Sharon Causey, we now have reconnected and I love seeing you as a beautiful and talented lady.  Martha Cowden, I always knew that you would be a leader in life…and a beautiful one.  Larry Corder, you have been strong through much tragedy due to the tornado and family illnesses.  You set a strong example of a Christian.

For all of you, I hope we meet again.  You were such a special part of my life.



Betty Booth

4802 Northwood Lake Drive East

Northport, AL 35473